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Thursday Updates
With school closed today I have to cancel practice tonight at facility. I do need to submit permission slip before 3pm. Players please email me the permission slip at coachluna7@aol.com before 3 pm today. If players want to hit tonight, it's not mandatory, but I'll be at facility between 630pm and 8pm if anyone wants bp. See everyone bright and early tomorrow ! 5:30 bus leaves so be at school no later than 5:15AM
3/23/2018 12:00:00 AM

Parents Thank You
Parents: Thank you for emailing me the new permission slips so quickly this morning. I know it's a Pain but school needs me to follow thru on these details. I am missing just a few: Gilligan, Maceda, Barry, Mizutani. If you can get them to me by 3pm at coachluna7@aol.com would be great. Also with all of the changes and juggling I had to do with the trip and rebooking new hotel rooms some of the room lists that I read out at the dinner may have changed due to new room layouts. Some rooms do not sleep 5 in the new suites we have now. Please let boys know, don't haunt me about switching rooms some rooms only sleep 3 now. Players that had group projects will stay together so they can get their project done.but 2 rooms went from 5 to 3. Not much I could do about that. I will have the new Itinerary done later in the day, just waiting for Ripken Complex to finish our Sunday schedule. Thank You all for being patient with all these changes and trip that almost wasnt! See every one 5:15AM tomorrow! Regards, Coach
3/22/2018 12:00:00 AM

New Update
Latest update: Miss Mac, signed a new contract for transportation so it looks like it's the final piece to put together to keep the trip. We will be getting picked up at pc Friday morning at 530am. We will be leaving Myrtle on tues morning around 5am.. Itinerary will change and so will permission slip. Both will be online. Permission slip please get signed and return at practice if there is school tomorrow. I will resubmit school absentee days again. Games will change as well hopefully we can get the six games. If not we will practice or intersquad at least we will be back outside and out of the bubble. Sorry for multi updates but I'm dealing with multi parties, a storm and administration. My goal was to keep trip alive somehow for the boys. My only road block is now my own boss! Either way players you will be in warmer weather by friday. Please check for updated info and itinerary and permission slip update. Thanks Lunz
3/22/2018 12:00:00 AM

Myrtle Team Update
All Myrtle team players:(including pitchers) we need the whole team to report to Luna Baseball Facility tomorrow Thurs. 3/22 at 630pm With your printed permission slip to go on trip. I need this by 8pm to submit to administration before we leave. Players: I realise all of our equipment is in myrtle but players that have a bat come in and hit before we go. Players that cannot stay or get there please leave your permission slip at facility or in facility mail box between 3pm and 8pm. Players that cannot make it please have parents sign and email me at coachluna7@aol.com. Guys it's been a crazy day with this trip , if miss mac does not have signed slips by Thursday night after practice I cannot let you get on bus so please comply! Thanks
3/22/2018 12:00:00 AM

Our flight has been cancelled due to the storm. Our next available flight out of Newark would be 3/25, the day we would come home, so that doesnt work. Flight fees are being refunded back to PC. In meantime I am working with Mr. Shea in trying to get us a bus to take us out Thursday Morning earliest possibly 4:30am depending on road conditions. Being that today Weds 3/21 is now a snow day I will ask administration if the team can come home Monday, or Late Sunday Night. I am trying my best to make the trip the best that we can despite the weather. I will contact Ripken later today and resturants to move our games, meals, hotel arrival to another day back. I will cancel the shuttle bus down in Myrtle that was originally going to escort us. Good news is our equipment and suitcases just arrived with Coach Poli safely in Myrtle. I know some parents were also on the flight , Unfortunately (I did ask already) but parents would have to find their own transportation and cannot ride with team in the bus. As soon as I find out more in a few hours I will post site. Parents I have yielded dozens of calls from 11pm to 2:30AM. If the site is not posted I do not have any answers or updates, just keep checking site. Thanks Lunz
3/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

Update on trip
To all working on bus, schedule changes etc. Miss mac will allow us to travel on Monday being that school was canceled today. Plan is to meet at pc tomorrow 5am . Parents will need to sign a new waiver form that I will get our web host to post. Please bring that waiver to pc when we load bus. This is all that PC needs from us. I have rescheduled dinners, changed hotel reservations (rooms may change). 9 teams could not fly out today so our game opponents will change also. I'll will post site as soon as I hear on bus. Lunz
3/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

We cannot get a bus company to commit to tomorrow due to the storm. I am trying to see if ripken can accommodate us next week. Pc will allow us to go sat till weds. If we can get a bus. Thurs tomorrow is out, if school is on players go to school. Keep you all informed.
3/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

Flight cancelled
To all our flight is cancelled due to storm, please check site, right now we do not have a new flight departure time.
3/20/2018 12:00:00 AM

2018 Season Final Cuts and Myrtle Beach Roster
UPDATES: The following Freshmen with the numbers : 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,43 have been selected to the team and are to report with all players tomorrow in the Bubble at 1:15PM. Due to a low turn out in baseball candidates this year PC will only be able to have 2 teams JV and V. If any frosh who was released and would like to see his evaluation see Coach DiCarlo before Monday's Practice. The Myrtle Spring Training Roster has been selected tonight. This roster does not mean that the following players are selected to the Varsity Squad. This roster is a combo of JV players, Varsity Players and potential Varsity players or floaters. Keep in Mind there is also no guarantee of play time although we do our best to get players in during our 6 games. Following our parent meeting on Monday there will be a Myrtle Beach Team meeting to explain trip in detail. Congrats to the following selected Players: Roy Mizutani, Jerry Giannoulis, Jordon Idrovo, Nick Fajvan,Xavier Carmona, Nick Gonzalez, Andrew Rodriguez,Christian Mecada,Elias Cambell, Mike Labinski, Hugh Dunn,Dylan Caramussa, John Barry,Orian Urban, Pete Haverick, Tyler Gilligan, Brandon Guerra, Brian Hamilin, Tony Liggio, Joe Pencaldo, Ryan Moss, Aaron Izquierdo,Gavin Kalafski.See everyone at Practice Saturday 1:30PM.
3/9/2018 12:00:00 AM


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